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Film Clips

Assignment - Quicktime 580KB - Windows Media Player 1MB

The Natural World - Quicktime 680KB - Windows Media Player 1.2MB

Short Comedy Film - Quicktime 2.26MB - Windows Media Player 3.9MB

Short Comedy Film - Quicktime 1.1MB - Windows Media Player 2MB


Intro Theme’ – Written for a short comedy film, this is the music that accompanies the opening title sequence.

Ballad’ – Written for the same film as track one, this is a cheesy ballad mirroring the words and thoughts of the main character.

Jazz Combo’ – Another piece of music written to accompany the clumsy, manic attitude of one of the main characters to the film.

'The Acorn Trio’, 2nd movement, which was my winning piece from the Birmingham Chamber Music Society Composition Competition and was performed by the Plane, Dukes, Rahman Trio.

Chillout’ – Dance/up tempo instrumental.

Man Is What He Knows’ - A live recording of a song based on the words of the playwright Edward Bond. This is one piece of a song cycle.

Period Drama’ – This piece of music was written as the title sequence for a ‘period’ family drama set in the 19th century.

Mystery & Intrigue’ – This is the end credits music for a short student film..

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